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On behalf of the Family Process Institute Board, welcome to our website.

Family Process Institute is an independent, multidisciplinary, transnational organization dedicated to developing and exchanging new theory, research, applied practice, and policy related to families and systems. Grounded in a commitment to social justice, Family Process Institute aims to be an independent voice for scholarly work in the field and to shape future directions for research and practice.

We oversee the journal, Family Process, and ensure the coordination of the operations between Family Process and our publishing partner, Wiley. The beginning of the journal was revolutionary in that it was the first journal in the field. We have an International readership, and have promoted many outreach programs to help Family Therapy Institutes in Mexico, Latin America and China, among other places. We now publish all abstracts in both Spanish and Mandarin, and also translate one article per issue into each of those languages and now also into Arabic. If you have a family therapy institute or training program, please inquire as to ways that the Family Process Institute may be of help to you.

We are now at a new phase in the evolution in our history, as we have the energy and resources to develop Family Process Institute as an independent voice in the field. Thus, beyond our role with the journal, Family Process Institute develops and implements initiatives integrated with and separate from the Journal that promotes the field of systemic theory, practice, research, and advocacy.

  • Dissemination of knowledge regarding theory, practice and research
  • Dissemination of training
  • Career development to young practitioners and scholars
  • Collaboration with professional organizations that promote and advocate for family and systems theory and practice
  • Actively promote a systemic approach to social justice issues

One of the programs that we support is the New Writers’ Workshop, which currently occurs once a year taught by Dr. Evan Imber-Black, a former editor of the journal. Each workshop selects 10 candidates from applicants to work intensively on their own manuscripts. We hope to develop “New Voices” in the family field.

We also support the Grants Initiative, which invites applications from pre-doctoral, post-doctoral and early faculty scholars in the area of family therapy, family processes, training, and administration. Selected candidates receive pilot funding to help complete their research project, set up an educational intervention in their area, or promote new administrative structures.

We currently support an International Initiative, which includes Spanish writing workshops that have occurred in Latin America and the Caribbean with outreach to Asian colleagues for similar workshops. There are also links to International Family Therapy Journals, which are available under the International tab.

And lastly, we have been producing a Webinar Series in partnership with the Ackerman Institute; these webinars feature renowned authors and presenters in the field of family therapy. They occur eight times a year and offer CEUs.

Details on all of these programs can be found on this website using the tabs on the top.

We value your interest, support and participation in our mission to evolve new theory, research and practice in the area of Family Processes. I look forward to hearing from you.

Marianne Z. Wamboldt, M.D.
5th President of Family Process

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