Current and Past Awardees


Grant Recipients for 2019:


Early Career Research Award

Antoinette Landor, University of Missouri

Research Title: Color Socialization in the Family System: Understanding family skin tone and colorism messages and implications for dating and health of African American young adults

Dissertation Award

Sooyeon Lee-Garland, Antioch University

Research Title: Examining Transnationalism as a Part of Ethnic-Racial Socialization and Understand its Impact on the Multiracial Identity Challenges and Resilience Among U.S. Born Asian Mixed-Race Individuals


Grant Recipients for 2018:


Early Career Research Award

Jessica L. Chou, PhD, LPC, Drexel University

Research Title: Supporting Therapist Workforce Development: Exploring the Person of the Therapist (POTT) Training Model

J. Kale Monk, PhD, University of Missouri

Research Title: A Longitudinal Study of Latina/o Young Adults’ Romantic Relationships and Wellbeing


Grant Recipients for 2017:


Dissertation Award

Maliha Ibrahim, Drexel University

Research Title:The Role of Therapist Procedural Fidelity in Two Family-Based Treatments

Chelsea Spencer, Kansas State University

Research Title: A Meta-Analysis of Risk Factors for Intimate Partner Homicide


Grant Recipients for 2016:


Early Career Research Award

Jennifer Doty, PhD, University of Minnesota

Research Title: Development of a Parenting Mobile Application with Biofeedback for Latino Parents

Rachel Farr, PhD, University of Kentucky

Research Title: Adjustment and Perceptions of Birth Relatives in Contact with Adoptive Families Diverse in Parental Sexual Orientation


Grant Recipients for 2015:


Dissertation Award

Dev Crasta, University of Rochester Dev Crasta

Research Title: The promoting of Awareness and Improving Relationships (PAIR) Program.  Investigating the efficacy and Mechanisms of a New Relationship Enhancement Program

Misbha Qureshi, Drexel University Misbha Qureshi Bio

Research Title: Self-Reported Experiences in Family Therapy of Lower-Income Black Adolescents in a Residential Treatment Facility: A  Phenomenological Study