Teaching Resources

Visit the FamilyProcess1 YouTube channel for a variety of video abstracts on different topics, relating to specific Family Process journal articles. Learn about many approaches to family therapy and about a variety of research topics.

“The Findings of a Cochrane Meta-analysis of Couple Therapy in Adult Depression: Implications for Research and Clinical Practice” is the topic of the featured article for the June 2020 issue, with authors Angelo Barbato and Barbara D’Avanzo from the Mario Negri Institute in Milan, Italy. You can see the video abstract for this article here on the Family Process YouTube channel.

The featured article for September 2016 describes the “Parent Management Training Oregon Model,” initiated by Marion Forgatch.

In the special section on Narrative Therapies (June 2016), Jill Freedman and Gene Combs describe a “Relational Understanding of Identity.”

“Thinking and Working Relationally” from an article by Marcia Sheinberg and Mary Brewster published in December 2014, describes a process developed at the Ackerman Institute.

“Eschewing Certainties” is an article by Evan Imber-Black published in a Special Issue on “Whither Family Therapy” from September 2014.

Webinars: Live and Archived

#FPIwebinars houses many webinars by leading family therapists and theorists, available for free on the FamilyProcess1 You Tube site.

Available as pay-per-view are archived webinars created by the Family Process Institute in partnership with the Ackerman Institute. These webinars also can be viewed for CEUs. www.ackerman.org/webinars

Live webinars are available monthly except for the summer months. Stay tuned for the Fall 2018 webinars.

In April 2011, Family Process celebrated its 50th anniversary with a conference attended by editors, past and present, board, advisory editors and early career scholars in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The following presentation by Dr. Evan Imber-Black is the keynote address from this historic gathering. link.brightcove.com/services/player