International and Social Justice Initiative

Guided by the mission of the Family Process Institute, the purpose of the International Initiative is to establish and strengthen collaborative relationships with family and systems-oriented scholars, clinicians, and researchers across the world. The International Initiative seeks to foster opportunities for bringing together US-based and international family and systems oriented professionals to promote mutual growth and understanding.

On this page, you will read about past and current activities aimed at reaching this goal. These activities range from conducting trainings such as those in Latin America to facilitating access to international journals. In addition, you will be able to find links to “Translated Articles of the Journal” both on a tab on the right margin and also on this page. By clicking on this link, you will be able to access both the recent translated articles on the Wiley Online Library Family Process home page and also a document with categorized articles translated to Spanish, Simplified Chinese, and Arabic.

Please stay tuned as we keep reporting new initiatives in the near future!

Translated Articles

International Writing Workshops Initiative: A Pilot Project in Latin America – Statement of Need

With the rapid world-wide expansion of Family Process, we recognize the need to assist international scholars with the acquisition of necessary skills for the generation and submission of high quality manuscripts to the journal. This perceived need has been confirmed by international colleagues who often express a desire to engage in international dissemination of their scholarship, but also recognize the lack of experience with regards to publishing in international refereed journals.

This initiative is timely as Family Process is experiencing international expansion. However, there is a significant risk associated with this expansion if the generation of scholarships rests primarily on US-based scholars. However, contextual challenges and limited skills prevent international scholars from generating manuscripts that meet the level of quality expected for publication in Family Process.


Family Process has supported this initiative by initially focusing on Latin America. This region was selected as several editorial board members already have strong collaborations with well-established family therapy and research institutes throughout Latin America.

As a result, Family Process offered travel financial support to a limited number of scholars for the implementation of writing workshops in Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Colombia, and Peru. These scholars have committed to supporting workshop participants in their efforts to submit articles for potential publication to Family Process. Pending positive outcomes of this initiative as reflected in submissions to the journal, similar efforts would be expanded to other regions in the world in an effort to support scholars with a commitment to disseminate scholarship focused on family therapy practice and research.

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