What is FPI?

The Family Process Institute oversees the Family Process journal and creates initiatives that promote family and systems theory, practice, research, and policy, with a commitment to social justice. Family Process Journal  Access Family Process Journal

Family Process is a peer-reviewed journal of original articles, including theory, practice as well as qualitative and quantitative research, focused on family interaction and family relationships with larger systems. Sign up for a  Content Alert.

The Family Process Institute unequivocally affirms the right to life, liberty and happiness for all people regardless of race, creed, color, sexual orientation, religion, age and ability. We denounce all actions, including policies and laws, that target, oppress, exploit and cause injustice to any group of citizens.

As mental health practitioners and systemic thinkers we advocate respect, equity and inclusion for the sake of our collective humanity. We strongly believe that diversity is our strength and call on everyone to say no to intolerance, hate and bigotry.

In solidarity, we stand with those who speak up and out for social justice.


Our Core Initiatives

New Writers’ Initiative

The New Writers’ Workshop occurs annually prior to the September FPI Board meeting in Evanston, Illinois. Dr. Evan Imber-Black, a former editor of the Family Process journal, currently leads these workshops.

Grants Initiative

The FPI Grants Initiative is comprised of three awards: Early Scholars Research Grant; Early Career Training/Clinical Grant; and the Dissertation Grant. The FPI Grants Initiative began as a pilot program in 2011 and continues to the present.

International Initiative

The International Initiative seeks to foster opportunities for bringing together US-based and international family and systems oriented professionals to promote mutual growth and understanding..

Social Justice initiative

We stand in solidarity with those who are marginalized or those whose worth in the world is called into question. We are allies to one another.